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How to Hide Cords and Cables

A media room with built-in TV and hidden cables.

Tips for creating a clutter-free space

Has your tangling mess of cords behind your entertainment center or under your desk become an eyesore? While concealing them might feel next to impossible, there are actually a few simple ways you can hide your cords — or at least keep them neat and organized:

  • Run cords into the wall. 
    Mount your flat-screen TV or gaming system directly onto the wall; then drill two small holes to run the cords into the wall and out near the outlet.
  • Hide cables just under the surface of your desk. 
    Mount a desk management tray, rain gutter or wire basket to the underside of your desk and store cords inside, out of view.
  • Conceal cords inside furniture.
    Tuck TV cords directly into a cabinet or entertainment center; if needed, drill a hole on the top for the wires.
  • Bundle cords together.
    Using cable ties, a cord wrap or even a toilet paper roll, bundle cords together to keep them looking neat.
  • Use cord organizers.
    Run cords through cord hooks behind your desk or along the legs of furniture, feed them through a cable catch or wind them through a cable reel.
  • Make a docking station.
    Repurpose a magazine rack to create a fashionable docking station for your phone, laptop and tablet; then run all the cords through a multi-cable holder.
  • Get a cord cover. 
    If your cords are located near a baseboard or other visible area, hide them under a cord cover — they come in a variety of styles to match your décor.
  • Go wireless. 
    You may also want to consider getting a wireless mouse, keyboard or charging station. The fewer cords you’re working with, the easier it will be to hide them.


A living room with wall-mounted TV and hidden cables.

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